Hour of Code, Dec 8th-14th

Join the largest learning event in history! Build Something Awesome is supporting the Hour of Code with brand-new videos. Learn to make an iOS app, an Android app, or a Processing.js sketch.

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Welcome to the site! The best place to start is with the video archives for season 1. If you follow along, you'll quickly pick up some programming basics and be able to write your own games in Java.

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Everyone can be a programmer

Have you ever finger-painted, noodled around on a guitar, or tried to write a story? Chances are you've given at least one of those a try.

But what about writing a computer program? Build Something Awesome is built around the idea that computer programming should be just as accessible as any other art form.

Admittedly, computer programming today still involves a bit of arcane knowledge, but smoothing over the confusing parts is what Build Something Awesome is all about. All of the projects on this website are designed to be able to be completed in less than two hours. So welcome, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!         --Aaron V.